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In a world of ever-changing fashions Sbordoni has, for over one hundred years, remained reassuringly constant, offering the lasting values of design, quality and craftsmanship that rise above passing trends. In an Italian town that is the heart of the history of Italian sanitary-ware production, where pottery has been made for thousands of years, each individual piece is manufactured using high-quality vitreous china, by local craftsmen whose families have been learning and practising their skills over many generations.


Markets today are saturated with mass-produced goods. Sbordoni stands apart for the personal involvement, care and the artisan flair of its makers. The process - from the preparation of the clay, its casting, hand-finishing, glazing and selection - is the work of talented and experienced craftsmen and results in pieces with an individuality that reflects their heritage and gives them life.


A Sbordoni bathroom will bring authentic traditional design into your home, each piece unique, the result of hundreds of years of experience.


In Sbordoni is the origin of these beautiful, timeless designs and our sanitary fittings are marked with the original brand, hot-stamped on the china surface. The small differences between products, when present, confirm the craftsmanship and authenticity of our products that are all made in Italy.


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