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News 2022


Plissè, a collection that, in terms of appearance and style, breaks a little bit with its past and with Sbordoni’s history introducing a new, different, and unexpected vision of the bathroom. The new elements of Plissé are Masaccio, a built-in vanity unit and the side column cabinet. Plissé results from the work of the Team which, in-house at Sbordoni, constantly works to develop the product and it is made of hydro MDF, therefore it is perfect to be used in your bathroom. The study on Plissé started with the washbasin Masaccio in its version in small dimensions (65 cm) and with the advantage this dimension offers since it is possible to place it both in small and big bathrooms. But Plissé strikes you for its charm and personality, too, clearly inspired by the soft colours and clean design of the Scandinavian furniture. Specifically, it is the refined canneté (twine of thin strips) wood working for doors that gives a simple and instant elegance to the whole composition.

Balnea 2022

Solid Surface

When talking about Solid surfacing we refer to a special material renewable and highly decorative, manufactured from an advanced blend of acrylic modified resin and mineral fillers. It is a colour throughout material and not only a superficially painted one.

Its superior production process technology ensures a solid, homogenous, 100% non-porous surface.

All bathtubs are renewable and repairable due to the impermeable surface. Minor scratches and scuffs can be easily removed.

We offer the choice of either a silk matte or gloss finish, or even 8 exclusive colors

New York

New York is the new Sbordoni bathroom accessories suite with a strong character and a gritty identity. The absolute protagonist of this range is the industrial style with brass in burnished, oxidised and brushed finishes, alongside skilful workmanship and evident stylistic references. Designed as an ideal complement to the Neoclassica suite, the range consists of a mirror, shelf, glass holder and soap holder, wall lamp, heated towel rail, toilet flush plate, toilet roll holder, toilet brush holder and hooks for bathrobes.


Designed by David Bongianni, this new Sbordoni range of brassware surprises with its modern and eclectic style. This tap suite distinguish itself by the knurling, an expression not only of a functional choice, but also of a desired material and tactile contrast between the smooth and worked parts. The range is available in various finishes, with smooth or knurled handles and with the application of a red index for hot water and blue for cold water.


The personality, elegance and lines that characterize the Sbordoni style stand out in the Pisa col-lection. It adapts to both classic and modern environments, thanks also to a wide range of fini-shes. The feeling of well-being and harmony that this collection gives at first sight are the result of the important research which allowed its realization. Along with Pisa, Sbordoni highlights and enhances the essentiality of forms, restoring harmony and well-being in the bathroom space.




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